Making Custom Plain UIBarButtonItems

June 21st 2012

For the app I’m currently working on I needed to put some custom images into my toolbar. So, I whipped open my storyboard in IB and went to work. However, I noticed something very interesting… it seemed to be masking the images I provided and making everything white:

JLPocket: Better Pocketing

May 29th 2012

I like Pocket, it’s a useful and sexy service. Naturally I want to integrate it into the app I’m working on. I hop on the website, find the iOS Developer API, and download it, only to find the code isn’t quite as sexy as I’d hoped…

Letting Go of Goals

January 28th 2012

Goals represent the desires of our hearts. Goals challenge us. Goals fill us with ambition. Goals light a beacon at the end of the road and show us where to go. Goals transform our dreams into action, and actions lead to reality. Through our goals and the sweat of our brows we hope to shape the world around us…